All About Me

The Abridged Version 

I was born, raised, live and work in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I’ve been reassembled with superglue. Cracks are visible, though functionality is fine.. for the most part.

I have struggled with self worth my entire life. I grew up longing to feel beautiful and strong. Always the chubby one with a pretty face and kind heart. The nice one. The girl next door, overly involved, a volunteer, a teammate, a scholar. Blonde hair, blue eyes and an unwavering innocence.

I allowed a man dictate my life for too many years. Stripping away friendships, building walls to stay within– and I listened. I feared no one else would ever want me. He was intelligent, handsome, strong, motivated, charming. He used his mind, and hands, to impart his opinions.

My mother took a stroke and died. I died. I lost. I wandered. I drank. A lot. And more. And even more.  Then I stopped and started eating. I ate. I got tattoo, after tattoo.

Now, I am unabashedly myself. The old and new. The broken and reassembled. The mother-type with a gypsy soul. I am MegElizaSarah.