Tell it on the Mountain

I’ve had highs and lows. Lowly lows.

I’ve felt like giving in, collapsing my soul and giving it back to the universe. White flag waving above my former self; my body hosting a lifeless entity.

Most of my existence has been in turmoil. My BPD plays a huge part in the spastic differences in my happiness meter.

Now, the universe projected a new life unto me. The companion I’d always hoped would complete me.

I struggled for months, completely single, fighting my demons and learning to live with myself… all of my selfs. And then, he appeared in my life; my breath continued as normal, in sync with his.

I am bizarre. A handful. A tornado of twisty emotions.

I’m messy and a terrible cleaner. I laugh loudly, snort sometimes, too. I fart. I burp. (Oh my)

He’s seen it all. And he loves me.

We fit like the oddest shaped puzzle pieces. Im terrible at puzzles. But, I know this one is complete.

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