Non capisco

I was looking for any reason to speak to him in Italian. I know like.. four words.

I sat at the bar (in wilkes barew pa) slugging a Stella, nervous about the young handsome Italian man sitting two seats down. He and an older gentleman were discussing something that sounded like harps and glitter swirling in sugar. They could have been planning to kill me, but Italian is beautiful and like I said I know maybe four words.

Luckily, two people arrived and I offered to slide down for them to fit. Mmmhmm. Ciao bello.

😂 Ok, it went nothing like that. I sputtered and stammered and asked if they were speaking Italian. I told him, “Non capisco, ma bello.” I smiled a stupid smile and half covered my face. What a charmer, I know.

They are working here for a short time, “because my accent is no well.” My god man, let me teach you. EVERYTHING I know.

I paid my bill and said, “Ciao.” He told me a phrase for “good evening” but to hell if I know. I was entranced by his super slim build and European teeth.

If I don’t meet my future husband while traveling Europe next summer I never will.

Oh how I love language. 😍 yum.

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