Snow, Bows & Hoes

The title could use work, I know.

I’m laying on a sectional, absently watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. Sidestep for onion chopping. Return in time for the tree lighting.

I don’t have many friends. I don’t even need a whole hand to count them.

Some, included in the hand-count, haven’t spoken to me in ages. But Kay is differnt. She lives thousands of miles away, and is the closest person in my life.

Today, doing next-to-nothing with her, has been one of the best days for me in a long time. Hot gluing bows, watching snow fall, crying in line at Starbucks.

I’ve been getting better at being alone. Dealing with the idea that maybe I am a person who is meant to fly solo in this world. I’m a pot with no lid.

But smelling cooking onions and hearing a cooing baby are all I need.

See you again in Colorado, love.

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