Nope. Not today.

Today is Halloween. Exciting if you have children to take trick-or-treating. Fun if you are shaped like Barbie and can wear an underwear inspired costume to the bar. Tolerable if you have friends to watch movies with. I don’t fit into any of those categories, unfortunately.

I spent the weekend melted into the couch, grossly detached from society. My father went hunting and over to a family member’s house to watch football. Even my father has a better social life than I do.

My insides ached for companionship. A friend, a lover.. a person to acknowledge the necessity of my existence. Alas, my existence, it seems, is not so necessary.

Tonight is just another night of ghosting. No one sees me.

I existed at some point in the past. There was a time that I knew friendship and love and bounced forward with a hope that spoke to my youth and innocence.

Now I know my true fate. A listless wanderer, cold and unseen.

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